Facilitated National Micro-credential Programs

BloomBoard’s national professional learning cohorts allow districts and schools to enroll small groups of educators to earn popular micro-credentials along side colleagues from across the country


Effective Communication Using Google G Suite

A competency-based learning program that helps teachers use G Suite tools to communicate effectively and efficiently with students and other stakeholders


Collaborating in PLCs

A competency-based learning program that helps educators use the professional learning community (PLC) structure to collaborate effectively to improve student learning

Why Enroll in Micro-credential Programs?

Schools and districts will be able to take a measured approach to competency-based professional learning powered by micro-credentials. Enroll a small group of educators into a program to learn from them how this framework is fundamentally different and more effective than traditional sit-and-get workshops. Use this as a basis for deciding on whether or not micro-credentials are right for your district.

This cohort-based approach provides a unique opportunity for educators looking to develop their teaching practice with the option to learn with and from colleagues throughout the United States. Participants will:

  • Learn new skills and strategies and immediately apply them to your teaching practice
  • Cultivate the capacities of a contemporary teacher and professional learner including the skills to self-assess, self-motivate and create individual professional learning paths and networks
  • Demonstrate competence via a micro-credential that will be awarded upon successful completion of the program. Optional graduate credit is available.

Packages and Pricing

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2 Educators

$ 300


Up to 5 Educators

$ 500


Up to 10 Educators"Most Popular"

$ 1,000


10+ Educators



The above pricing is the standard pricing for most programs offered, however pricing may vary by specific program.

Facilitated Cross-district Cohorts

Learning together in a group promotes collaboration and accountability. To enable this, learning programs offered through BloomBoard are structured into cohorts and typically include educators of all experience levels who are focused on achieving a specific learning goal. BloomBoard supports learning cohorts of all sizes and will provide pacing guidelines to ensure all educators meet their learning goal by the target completion date.

BloomBoard Competency Based Learning

Program Facilitators

Each cohort will be facilitated by a learning strategist to ensure educators are effectively utilizing the BloomBoard platform and successfully complete their micro-credential(s). They will play an instrumental role in fostering collaboration, providing guidance, sharing relevant learning resources, and conducting check-ins with educators to ensure progress.

I can't begin to convey my excitement with how teaching growth mindset to my students has transformed my classes.

The links, additional resources and shared information from the other participants was the most valuable part of the whole experience. It is a true professional learning community.

I've learned so much and will continue to use what I've learned and share with colleagues. Thank you for this opportunity!

National Programs Now Enrolling

Effective Communication Using Google G Suite

Collaborating in PLCs

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What Are Micro-credentials?

Micro-credentials are modular, competency-based credentials for professional learning that recognize demonstrated mastery of skills and prior knowledge. Micro-credentials are:

  • Competency-based – Educators focus on a discrete skill.
  • Research-backed – Each micro-credential focuses on effective teaching practices that have been validated through published research.
  • On-demand – Educators can earn micro-credentials on their own time.
  • Personalized – Educators can select the micro-credentials they wish to earn based on their needs or instructional goals.
  • Shareable – Educators can display their digital badge on their resume, blog, or LinkedIn.

How Micro-credentials Work

Each micro-credential goes through an approval process with Digital Promise, the thought leader in competency-based education. To guide the development of micro-credentials, Digital Promise has designed a framework to ensure that each micro-credential:

  • Focuses on a single competency
  • Has a key method that is backed by research
  • Requires the submission of evidence
  • Includes a rubric or scoring guide

Incentives for Educators

After earning any of these micro-credential, teachers will have demonstrated competency in the skill. Additionally they can:

  • Apply the micro-credential toward relicensure, recertification and continuing education requirements (CEUs)
  • Earn non-degree bearing graduate-level credit
  • Display and share their earned micro-credential badge

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What is BloomBoard

BloomBoard is the professional learning platform that is changing the way educators grow and learn by facilitating a shift toward ‘learning by doing’ using micro-credentials. Our competency-based professional learning programs provide state and district leaders with an effective way to offer educators personalized learning opportunities specific to their growth goals and recognize them (both formally and informally) for the skills they’ve demonstrated in the classroom.

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