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Teach Like A Champion

A competency-based learning program that helps teachers develop competency in effective teaching techniques that achieve dramatic results with their students.

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About This Learning Program

Doug Lemov’s book series, “Teach Like a Champion” is about the tools of the teaching craft. It describes the tools necessary for success in all classrooms, particularly those with the most challenging student populations. The Teach Like a Champion team, Relay Graduate School of Education, and BloomBoard collaboratively designed Teach Like a Champion Online to share teaching techniques and best practices of high-performing teachers and leaders. Once a teacher has reviewed the technique and watched examples, he or she can practice independently or in their live classroom. The teacher can submit their recorded video for peer feedback and include as evidence of competency to earn the micro-credential.

Micro-credentials In This Program

TLAC Online: Plan for Error

The educator builds a classroom culture that makes errors visible, normal, safe, and even positive for everyone in the classroom, thereby increasing the likelihood of acting on data.

TLAC Online: Stretch It

The educator sets high academic expectations for students and creates opportunities and supports for students to support them in meeting those expectations.

TLAC Online: Show Call

The educator increases participation and rigor by intentionally assigning tasks that require written work or writing.

TLAC Online: Cold Call

The educator increases participation and rigor through effective questioning.

TLAC Online: Radar

The educator sets the stage for success by giving observable directions and effectively scanning the room to ensure students follow those directions.

TLAC Online: Strong Voice

The educator ensures students listen carefully to what is being said by adjusting speech and body language.

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Why Choose the Teach Like A Champion Micro-credential Program?

The Teach Like A Champion micro-credential program provides an opportunity for districts to implement personalized, competency-based professional learning around a core set of teaching skills. BloomBoard programs are designed to engage educators in their own growth via learning by doing, and getting recognition and credit for it. Participants will:

  • Gain immediately applicable classroom teaching techniques and tactics.
  • Participate in growth-oriented dialogue with colleagues.
  • Cultivate the capacities of a modern teacher and professional learner including the skills to self-assess, self-motivate and create individual professional learning paths and networks.
  • Demonstrate competence via a micro-credential that will be awarded upon successful completion of the program. Optional graduate credit is available.

Based on the Best Selling Book

“Teach Like a Champion 2.0” is a best selling teaching guide deemed a must-have for new and experienced teachers alike. Over 700,000 teachers around the world already know how the techniques in this book turn educators into classroom champions. With ideas for everything from classroom management to inspiring student engagement, you will be able to perfect your teaching practice right away.

The first edition of Teach Like a Champion influenced thousands of educators because author Doug Lemov’s teaching strategies are simple and powerful. Now, updated techniques and tools make it even easier to put students on the path to college readiness.

Issued by Relay Graduate School of Education

Relay was founded by a group of innovative practitioners who had a bold vision for a new kind of teacher preparation, grounded in their day-to-day experiences in the classroom. Through purposeful collaborations with local public schools and other leaders in the field, they are achieving innovation at scale, and informing new models of excellence in educator preparation.

Program Components



Create individualized learning pathways



Access curated content collections



Engage in growth-oriented dialogue with peers



Create a portfolio of learning achievements

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What Are Micro-credentials?

Micro-credentials are modular, competency-based credentials for professional learning that recognize demonstrated mastery of skills and prior knowledge. Micro-credentials are:

  • Competency-based – Educators focus on a discrete skill.
  • Research-backed – Each micro-credential focuses on effective teaching practices that have been validated through published research.
  • On-demand – Educators can earn micro-credentials on their own time.
  • Personalized – Educators can select the micro-credentials they wish to earn based on their needs or instructional goals.
  • Shareable – Educators can display their digital badge on their resume, blog, or LinkedIn.

How Micro-credentials Work

Each micro-credential goes through an approval process with Digital Promise, the thought leaders in competency-based education. To guide the development of micro-credentials, Digital Promise has designed a framework to ensure that each micro-credential:

  • Focuses on a single competency
  • Has a key method that is backed by research
  • Requires the submission of evidence
  • Includes a rubric or scoring guide

Incentives for Educators

After earning this Growth Mindset micro-credential, teachers will have demonstrated competency in using growth-oriented feedback and language to reinforce a focus on student growth. Additionally they can:

  • Apply the micro-credential toward relicensure, recertification and continuing education requirements (CEUs)
  • Earn non-degree bearing graduate-level credit
  • Display and share their earned micro-credential badge

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What is BloomBoard

BloomBoard is the professional learning platform that is changing the way educators grow and learn by facilitating a shift toward ‘learning by doing’ using micro-credentials. Our competency-based professional learning programs provide state and district leaders with an effective way to offer educators personalized learning opportunities specific to their growth goals and recognize them (both formally and informally) for the skills they’ve demonstrated in the classroom.

BloomBoard Powers Hundreds of School Districts

Competency-based professional learning is gaining momentum across the United States as states and districts are looking to implement competency-based approaches to learning as opposed to traditional course-based structures.

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