3 Reasons Every Teacher Should Have a Personal Development Plan (And 7 Tips to Create It)

By April 14, 2014News

Just as every student has a unique learning style, every teacher has their own teaching style. Create a personal development plan to set and meet goals that are important to you.

Why Every Teacher Needs a Personal Development Plan
Good teachers know students aren’t created in a factory. They’re not spit out of a machine onto a conveyor belt, the next one exactly like the last. Students have unique personalities and, as a result, individual learning needs and styles.

The same idea applies to teachers. But all too often, they get lumped into one-size-fits-all objectives and assessments that don’t take into account each teacher’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals.

Personal development plans allow you to take control of your own goals by providing you an outlet to set, track, and manage them.

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