Earn Professional Development Credit

BloomBoard works with many districts to offer educators the opportunity to receive formal professional development credit for earned micro-credentials. In addition, BloomBoard and Digital Promise have partnered with a growing number of states to recognize micro-credentials for professional development credits.

These credits or points can often be used toward relicensure, recertification and continuing education requirements (CEUs). To date, states that recognize micro-credentials towards the acquisition of professional development credits include: Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, North Carolina, and Texas.

Apply for Graduate-level Credit

BloomBoard has partnered with a select group of accredited higher education institutions to offer teachers the opportunity to earn non-degree bearing graduate-level credit for completed micro-credentials. This enables school and district leaders to encourage professional growth across their organization, while educators can work toward salary advancement and/or recertification as they improve their practice through competency-based micro-credentials.

The opportunity to apply for graduate-level credit is available for a wide range of micro-credentials on the BloomBoard platform. To find out which ones are eligible, visit our micro-credentials library and look for the yellow banner displayed on the micro-credential.

Grad Credits through Brandman University

Fresno Pacific University

University of the Pacific offers Graduate-level Credit

University of San Diego

Build a Portable, Digital Portfolio

Micro-credentials earned via the BloomBoard platform can be aggregated into an online portfolio that an educator can take with them throughout his or her career. This portfolio, which can be shared both privately and publicly, also enables the educator to build identity and reputation within the learning community and creates pathways for leadership and mentorship roles.

Support your educators with personalized, competency-based professional development powered by micro-credentials and graduate credit.