MVU partners with MEMSPA and BloomBoard in advanced certification initiative for principals using micro-credentials

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MEMSPA, MVU and BloomBoard will collaborate to deliver a program that will provide school principals with an opportunity to earn advanced certification.

The Michigan Association of Elementary and Middle School Principal’s Association (MEMSPA), Michigan Virtual University and BloomBoard have entered into a formal agreement to develop, implement and evaluate the “Early Career Principal Induction Program.”

The program will provide school principals with the opportunity to earn micro-credentials in research-based, state-of-the-art, competency-based professional learning experiences leading to advanced certification. The work of this initiative will span the 2016-17 school year, and begin with a cohort of 25 Michigan principals.

“As we continue to support Michigan’s K-12 education system, we must ensure that future professional development models leverage the power of technology tools to personalize learning, allow demonstration of competencies, achieve new efficiencies and make learning more job-embedded,” said Jamey Fitzpatrick, President and CEO of MVU. “This initiative will demonstrate the power of innovative professional learning models.”

MEMSPA, a critical knowledge network and voice for principals in Michigan, seeks to help develop and support principals into highly skilled, confident instructional leaders. MVU, a not-for-profit corporation with more than 15 years of leadership experience in online and blended learning, can to provide important capacity building support to MEMSPA in this endeavor. BloomBoard, the leader in competency-based professional learning and a key partner of Digital Promise, develops personalized educator professional learning options and is providing consultation, design and development services for the micro-credentialed learning modules for the Induction program.

Paul Liabenow, Executive Director of MEMSPA, said he is delighted to partner with two leading organizations to provide high-quality, competency-based professional learning options for MEMSPA’s 1,200 members.

“I believe personalized, micro-credentialed professional learning, provided in a blended modality with high-touch, peer-to-peer interaction and expert facilitation, is the future of professional learning. The work of this initiative will be critical in leading early career principals to increased skill sets and motivation to lead Michigan education,” Liabenow said.

Jason Lange, CEO and co-founder of BloomBoard, echoes Liabenow’s enthusiasm.

“Forging this collaborative partnership with MEMSPA and MVU will allow rapid development and piloting of innovative competency-based professional learning opportunities for Michigan’s educational leaders,” Lange said. “The BloomBoard team is excited to work with our Michigan partners.”

Contact MEMSPA (517.694.8955) or MVU (517.324.5373) for more information.

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