A New Framework for Professional Learning

Traditional “sit and get” workshops assume that the only challenge facing educators is a lack of knowledge of teaching practices and when that knowledge gap is corrected, teachers will then be able to change practice. However, research tells us that teachers’ greatest challenge is actually putting what they’ve learned into practice in the classroom.

At BloomBoard, we’re working with leading educator development organizations to create a comprehensive set of competency-based professional learning programs. Each program combines collections of curated learning resources with virtual collaboration spaces, and the opportunity to earn micro-credentials by demonstrating competence in the classroom. Program implementation and follow-through can be supported by our in-house team of learning strategists, with the goal of providing professional learning experiences that improve student outcomes.

BloomBoard Competency Based Learning

Competency-based Learning Programs

We offer a wide range of integrated professional learning programs that focus on specific areas of practice. Each program is developed by a team of experienced educational leaders who have worked with leading education organizations and have deep experience in designing and delivering effective professional learning programs. These carefully-crafted programs include recommended learning resources, online collaboration tools for meaningful discussion among peer groups of all sizes, and an organization hub to allow for sharing and disseminating information. Featured programs include:

Teaching Literacy in the Elementary Grades by Open Literacy

Improves student achievement outcomes by ensuring that teachers are prepared to implement high-quality literacy instruction every day.

The Engaged, Technology-Enabled Classroom by iLearn Collaborative

Helps educators implement strategies for using technology to create the time and space to get to know your students and create a classroom culture that fosters choice, agency and authentic learning

Social Emotional Literacy by The Learning Alliance

Builds students’ social emotional competencies while also attending to their foundational literacy needs. Using research-based, best practice strategies, educators learn effective ways to reach ALL students.

Giftedness Knows No Boundaries by NAGC

An outcome-based professional learning opportunity from the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) that helps educators in identifying gifted students from diverse backgrounds and to increase equity of access to quality programming

Formative Assessment Through Effective Questioning & Discussion by CLU

Teaches educators explicit, evidence-based instructional strategies that enable them to reach all students with a specific focus on struggling students

Teaching with Google G Suite

Helps teachers incorporate Google’s G Suite tools into their instruction and prepares them to become Google Certified Educators

Programs also provide the opportunity for educators to earn micro-credentials, a digital form of certification that proves the educator has demonstrated competence in a specific skill. In many states, educators have the opportunity to convert earned micro-credentials into Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Graduate-level credit and use them towards recertification/licensure renewal efforts.

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Custom Learning Programs

We understand that every organization has unique needs and objectives. Our team will work to tailor any of the existing programs we offer, or design a custom program that meets those individual requirements. From state-wide initiatives around developing growth mindset, to principal induction programs, and leadership coaching, we’ve worked with numerous organizations to support the creation of custom programs specific to their needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your district or school’s professional learning goals.

Coaching and Training Support

To ensure overall effectiveness of implementation, and ultimately a linkage to improved student success, each program also includes support from BloomBoard’s dedicated team of professional learning strategists. This team works with organizational leadership to structure and support specific learning goals, build capacity, and coach and guide administration, faculty, and staff in their transition to a competency-based professional learning approach.

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