State Educational Leaders Come Together to Discuss the Shift Towards Competency-based Learning for K-12 Educators

By March 15, 2016News

Karen Cator, CEO of Digital Promise, to lead live webinar with Assistant State Superintendents from Florida, Tennessee, and Delaware

PALO ALTO, Mar. 15, 2016 On Tuesday, March 22, 2016, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. ET, leaders from the Florida, Tennessee, and Delaware Departments of Education will participate in a live webinar, “From Inputs to Outputs: The Great Migration to Competency-Based Professional Development.” The webinar, sponsored by Education Week and BloomBoard, will be a guided discussion about how the transition to a competency-based professional development model can enable educators to learn and be recognized for the individualized skills they need.

Traditionally, professional development systems have focused on the quality of professional development “inputs”, such as money spent, workshops attended, or consultants hired, with little evidence of improvement or linkage to “outputs” associated with a change in instructional practice. This webinar will explore what a shift from focusing on professional development inputs to outputs entails, and how a competency-based approach using micro-credentials can help education leaders implement these changes in their local environments.

Karen Cator, CEO of Digital Promise and former Director of the Office of Educational Technology in the U.S. Department of Education, will lead the panel discussion with Assistant State Superintendents from the Florida, Tennessee, and Delaware Departments of Education. Each will discuss professional learning in their states, ideas regarding competency-based professional development using micro-credentials, and their views on the future potential impact on teacher quality and retention.   

“We know personalizing learning for students through flexibility and differentiation also supports engagement and advancement,” says Cator. “Similarly, personalizing professional learning for educators by focusing on the skills that are most relevant to their professional needs is efficient and effective. These state leaders have important insights to share.”

This webinar, hosted by Education Week, is free to attend—participants are invited to register at Upon registering, attendees may submit questions to be addressed in the conversation, and a live Q&A will be held at the end of the webinar.

Webinar Title: From Inputs to Outputs – The Great Migration to Competency-Based PD


  • Brian Dassler, Deputy Chancellor for Educator Quality, Florida Department of Education
  • Dr. Kathleen Airhart, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Education
  • Michael S. Watson, Chief Academic Officer and Associate Secretary of Education, Delaware Department of Education
  • Karen Cator, CEO of Digital Promise


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