Classroom Teachers

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the professional development session and breakdown of the Caring and Sharing micro-credential. At first, I was a bit overwhelmed with “one more thing” to document.  However, this has been a most wonderful and meaningful experience for me.”
Peggy Watson
Ridge Road Elementary

“I’ve attended many PD opportunities over the years, but this one was one of the most effective for me. It wasn’t one day, it was ongoing. It wasn’t what they wanted to show off, it was what I needed in my classroom. It wasn’t a one-shot-good-luck-intro, but ongoing training and support. I have learned so much from this micro-credential experience.”
Eileen Lennon
Nathaniel Hawthorne Middle School 74

“As a ‘seasoned’ educator, I have watched the infamous pendulum of professional development swing back and forth based on politics, preferences, and occasionally, pedagogy. Because of micro-credentials, the pendulum is finally swinging in a direction that meets my interests and needs to better facilitate student learning.”
Dana Siegel
Crosswind Elementary School

School and District Administrators

“Micro-credentials have the potential to be the next wave of limitless professional learning communities grounded in high-quality professional demonstration of competence and collaboration. The benefit of learning with and from professionals to apply newly refined ideas is a compliment to the educational profession.”

Ann Ecker
Director of Instruction
School District of South Milwaukee

“Micro-credentials are a great resource for our district. In addition to creating an environment of continuous professional learning, they’ve allowed us to provide our educators with choice in their PD while compensating individuals for their professional growth. This individualized approach has been really popular for our team and we are excited to expand the program going forward.”

Kristie Martorelli
Professional Learning Coordinator
Dysart Unified School District

“The move to competency-based professional development has been a large culture shift and every day we’re learning how to make it work. We’re excited to provide our educators with a more personalized approach to professional development through job-embedded micro-credentials.”

Christy Disinger
Specialist, Professional Learning & School Improvement
Volusia County School District

State Leaders

“I feel that micro-credentials will continue to grow in popularity with teachers and districts. They offer educators a viable personalized professional learning experience. The evidence-based nature of earning the credential allows teachers to take pride in knowing that they have demonstrated their skills abilities rather than being credited for attendance.”
Machel Mills, M.Ed.
Director, Professional Learning Systems
Tennessee Department of Education

“Through micro-credentials, we’ve been able to shift the focus of our professional development model from compliance to competency. This competency-based model provides educators with greater flexibility and allows them to progress at their own pace as they work towards demonstrating the skills and competencies needed to improve their practice.”
Sandra Hurst
Director of Educator Effectiveness
Arkansas Department of Education.

“Micro-credentials are an important disruption in professional learning for teachers. Unlike place and time-based models, educators have the opportunity for greater personalization and deeper learning when given voice, choice, and agency. Competency-based learning is shifting the continuum of teacher efficacy through ownership and acknowledgment of demonstrated skills.”

Jeannie Rowland
Educator Effectiveness Coordinator
State of Utah

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